In 1976-1977 Academic Term The school started as Edirne vocational school with 2 programmes social and human sciences accepting 256 students under the control of Ministery of National education.
            In 1978-1979 End of academic term all the schools transferred into other schools and the present school did.
            In 1980-1981 Academic term the school began to accept students again with the programmes of Metal electricity administration and Accountancy registering 90 students.
            In 1981-1982 Academic tern the school under the act of 41 transferred into the Trakya University and in 1993-1994 started to serve second education.
            Until April 13th 2006 the name of the shcool remained Edirne Vocational School and from the date mentioned above the name became Edirne Vocational School of Social Sciences determined by higher education council.